Services | Epidemiological Studies

Epidemiological Field Studies

Almost all prevalence studies conducted in Turkey in the field of epidemiology has been carried out by Omega CRO. With its experience in the design and field support phases are particularly professional associations.

Study Design/Protocol Design

The study is designed and protocol is prepared in accordance with local requirements and international guidelines.
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CRF and ICF Design

Data collection form (CRF) and informed consent form is prepared in accordance with the study protocol, the purpose of the study and current guidelines.
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Ethics Committee and MoH Dossier preparation and application is carried out. Required permissions for Epidemiological studies are obtained from local health authorities.
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Conducting Field Study

Data is gathered in Omega CRO data centre with the help of cutting-edge technology and experienced personnel in Epidemiological Field Study. Also according to study design, samples such as blood and urine are collected in accordance with the study design.
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Project Management/Auditing

Project management and auditing is essential for Epidemiological Studies, in terms of quality and expenditures. Our experienced project management team will steer the field team in the most appropriate and efficient way to see the studies being carried out the best possible way.
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Laboratory Organization and Management

It is important that the samples collected from the field are transported to the laboratories the safest and the fastest way. Omega CRO field team,transfers the samples to the laboratory in special centrifugal holding bags on 2-8ºC.
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Data Management

With data management being carried out simultaneously with the electronic data collection and the epidemiological field study, data entry errors are corrected in a very short notice. 
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Data Entry

Data entry of the data collected on paper is carried out quickly and accurately in order to advance to the analysis stage. Our experienced staff in data entry, the process is carried out in the fastest and the most accurate way.
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Statistical Analysis and Reporting

With the experienced statistics team, Omega CRO carries out the analysis of the data collected in the epidemiological field study in accordance with the study purpose.
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