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Clinical Material Storage and Distribution

As Turkey’s first clinical trial storage, Omega CRO’s storage warehouse was established in 2003 to serve as special material storage. Omega CRO’s storage also won the tender for a study drug storage and shipping from the Ministry of Health is the first and only storage in Turkey. 340.000 pharmaceutical product sent to 227 cites in 81 cities. For more information you can visit the website of Omega storage.

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Regulatory Import License Procedures

Regulatory import license procedures of drugs from abroad to be used in a clinical trial performed by Omega CRO.

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Custom Clearance Procedures

Customs clearance procedures of the imported drugs and non-drug materials, are completed by the experienced logistics team of Omega.

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Clinical Trial Material Storage

The clinical trial materials at Omega storage are stored in appropriate storage conditions with the highest level safety standards.

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Clinical Trial Material Distribution

In line with the needs of the centers, clinical trial material distribution is made due to drugs storage conditions.

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Collecting Clinical Trial Material From Sites

Unused clinical trial materials collected from the sites to be exterminated are held in quarantined sections of Omega CRO’s storage under proper conditions.

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Clinical Trial Material Destruction

After obtaining the necessary permits from the Ministry of Health for the disposal of unused clinical trial material will be exterminated and the destruction certificates will be forwarded to the sponsor.

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