Services | Data Man. & Statistics

Data Management and Statistics

Data management and statistical analysis services, is the most important stage for the presentation of research results. Omega CRO’s experienced data entry and statistics team supports you in your studies.

Statistical Analysis Plan Development

Statistical analysis plan is written by using the study protocol and data collection form by a team of experienced statisticians and medical writers.
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Database Preparation

Database preparation is carried out by experienced statisticians for the most reliable and quick data entry in accordance to study data collection form (CRF).

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Data Entry

Data entry form is prepared by entering single or double data. Data entry for clinical studies is made with double data entry, database becomes final after the controls.

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Statistical Analysis

According to the statistical analysis plan, using the final database, and the most appropriate tests that are selected accordance with the data type are done and used for statistical analysis.

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Data Queries

Data verification forms are sent to the sites for data updates in case of possible typographical or other study protocol errors by research team.

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Statistical Analysis Report Preparation

Statistical Analysis Report is prepared using the analysis, together with statistical and clinical implications, with the preparation of graphs and tables, according to the statistical analysis plan and in accordance with the study protocol.

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Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning

Machine learning and deep learning algorithms are generated by using open source programming languages (e.g. R, Python and Apache Spark MLlib) to perform real time advanced analytics of big data.

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